Figma for frontend developer - tool only for designers?

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Figma for frontend developer - tool only for designers?


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When creating a project in figma, I came to the conclusion whether a front end developer should know and use figma? Since you work with User Interface, why don't you use figma?

Is this tool only for designers?

While browsing through job offers for juniors, I can see the skill of figma in some of them. Of course, at this stage I am not ready to work as a junior yet. I created my figma project and it was a fun job. First of all, I have a figma online at my fingertips. Apart from paint, pixlr, adobe XD and lightroom, I didn't use any other graphics tools. However, creating a store design is quick, fun and fun. Where's writing the code 🙃?

A few hundred lines back

When I was writing a few HTML and CSS based projects, I never created the project in designin tool, I wrote the code, and only then improved the elements. From today's perspective, I was wasting a lot of time. Unnecessarily! Compared to the current approach, I have a few comments and conclusions.


Due to the fact that I have created a project, when writing the code, I do not think about the appearance only of the implementation, readable code and layout of the application


I Import svg, change its content in figma, export it as I want. Ready. Perhaps there is another way? At this point, for me - this approach is great! I'm throwing out of svg what I don't need. Boom, the picture is already in the app!

Great fun

Thanks to the new approach, working with code is even more fun. Sure, there are things that take a long time, but I'm still learning and will not stop. When I manage to implement a given component in a short time, I am proud of myself, if the work goes slower, I get mad at myself.


Thanks to the figma project, the coding work is more organized. I can focus on what I do, I am more aware, I have a clear head. Working in figma is a lot of fun and certainly less frustration than implementing a CSS that does not change the look... Does it only happen to me <3?


Do you need UI / Ux designer everywhere? Ok for complex applications yes, but is it a simple component too?

I am adding the admin view to my shop/store, do I need a designer already? In my opinion no. I'll do it myself in 30 minutes, especially since my Vue.js e-commerce store is quite simple at this stage.